Meet My Pet~~ haha...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

haha... my father bring this to me yesterday from his company's Korea trip. Its remind me of Harima Kenji pets in School Rumble anime. wakaka... Let's meet my pet, Napoleon (no offense). kekeke...

halo, my name is Napaleon. toink toink~~

toink toink

toink toink~~

toink toink~~

Well, yesterday was mooncake festival. here the picture i wan to share with. the moon that seen at my house. really round. haha...

No Manners Driver On De Road.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Well, i was really pissed off by one driver when i drive home from Sentosa badminton court today. Ok, give u an imagination. After u finish ur play at the badminton court, as usual, u drive home. The road was peaceful until when u drive at a straight road, with one car in front of u, driving at speed of 80km/h. so, of course u will follow the same speed and drive safe. But, here come a noob diver whom i think using rasuah to get the driving license. flash light u behind from behind (non-stop). But, i don care. If he intend to overtake me, go ahead cuz the speed limit for the road is 80km/h. somehow, he drive closer to my car (estimation beyond 50cm). i still don care, if u hit me, u pay cuz its ur fault. or else, call the police and see who wrong. so when i almost reach my home, i open my signal, slow down my car, and turn. he horned non-stop!!! let u judge the situation. who is wrong at here and why is he horn??? Fuck U jibai driver!!! donno how to drive go back drink ur mother milk la!!! FUDD!!! Oops, i'm sorry if i offense u. but this driver is really pissed me off. here his car characteristics, a proton persona, silver in color and window tint orange or brown. honestly, his window tint wouldnt pass through the JPJ standard i think, cuz i really cant see the driver inside, all image are reflected back. last but not least, drive safe and hey, u so kiasu, i so kiasi bo. so don play with me while on the road.

Lego Project Part 1

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hi everyone. Its been a while since i have my last post. doh, there's really nothing for me to write and its really a hot day lately making me getting lazier to post something. hahaha... today is the first day of my Robotic and Mechatronics Lego Project. Yes, we're going to build a "NOOB" robot!!! lol... not much to share here, all i can do is show u some pictures when my groups get the lego set. quite messy since it have been used by the previous semester. hahaha...

Boxe of lego part get from my lecturer...

The brain of my team lego robot. extra care needed or die. lol... some programming must be done before it get funtionable.

LOL... charger.

hit or touch sensor. whatever it is, it's an important component=x

Photo sensor. cool name. haha.... used to detect light.

looks like a toy, but actually, it's a lego motors. lol...

to be continue...


Thursday, July 9, 2009

haha... if u'r in bad mood recently, maybe these videos will cheer u up. though i found them while i was bored during my holiday. don feel like want to do anything now, so juz search through the youtube videosXD. Haha... So, enjoy and laugh out loud^^...

haha... funny lehXD... i donno how they did it but they really GOOD!!! well, they make me laugh in every of their videos. lol... think they can go for the Hollywood... TeHee...

haha... funny yugioh fan-made movieXD!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

haha... you ever played yugioh before? never? never mind. but i played. haha... sound childish but for me, it was fun!!! haha... ok, lets make it short cuz i lazy to typeXD. i found one stupid but funny fan-made yugioh movie at youtube. a complete laughter with what that guys actually make a really burst laugh dub along with the edited original yugioh movie. well, thought to share with you guys. lol...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ever feel how "Finally~~" was? Yep. i feel lots of time lately.
1) Finally, my final exam finish.
2) Finally, i can log in my blog account. (juz now donno what happen, the page juz wont show out)
3) Finally, i can get to some rest.
4) Finally, i gain my freedom.
5) Finally, i got new stuff to play with hehehe~~XD.
6) Finally, no need trap in traffic anymore in the morning.
7) Finally, can go to Genting play again-.-...
8) Finally, most of the trouble have been settle.
9) Finally, still in one piece after the first sem of degree end.
And, finally,
10) Finally, i got a month of HOLIDAY!!!
muahaha... a lot of finally. woot. paiseh ar, so long i didnt update my blog. well, this have to due to my busy during my school life, i donno how the school subject management arrange all those stupid schedule, all the report, important test, LOADS and LOADS of homeworks were pop out during the end of the semester. why don juz put at the beginning so that we can have a nice start. but, we end up to be rushing here and there cuz some stupid assignment and report. haiz... anyway, it's already past. this was one of my friends, YKT favourite quote. haha...

Now, let me have my holiday schedule plannedXD. hahaha...
first, my first week of holiday, i'm gonna trap in my house for a week cuz i have no car to drive . Reason, i bump in a stupid car who suppose to go out of the junction but suddenly emergency break causing me to bump on her. DAMN. so, those few days i gonna have my car on the hospital. lol... Though i still got a nadia at home which i can drive, but i don like drive such big car cuz hard to park. haha... so, the first week i was thinking of modifying my remote control thingy. haha... its a long time i din touch them liao. so here is the chance.
the following weeks, since i got my car out of hospital, if there is no more problem, i can finally invite my friends for some badminton play. Yay~~ haha... juz some exercise and not a professional play. That all for my holiday schedule.
lol sound boring leh. yea, i know its boring and i'm gonna have a boring holiday-.-...


Sunday, May 3, 2009

i juz have a fight with my little bro juz now. it not actually a big deal but some problem with his management of our house desktop. well, it happen to be like this, since i bought my laktop, my little bro was happy and say: "yay, the dekstop is all mine now." duh, since i got my own laktop, why i give him a chance to manage the dekstop then. ok, then he make a promise that he will take care of it. sound good huh. you never know. A few days ago before the fight juz now, i was sitting in front of it and checking how the system going. CRAP!!! ALL CRAPS!!! He never ever arranging all the files and more importantly, i check the anti virus detection, Malware detected!!! Riskware detected!!! Potential Files of Modifying Your Computers System on run!!! WALAU!!! WHERE DOES ALL THIS COME FROM!!! hey! the desktop have been to the clinic for reformatting three times already!!! u know why is this happening!!! cuz u off the antivirus and headed to some blacklisted sites last time. u think i donno ka. i can check the history of the browser. duh, its not i wan to intrude someone personal life, but i wan to know where does all these dangerous thingies come from. plus, why u download all the thing and juz store there. why don u never burnt it out in dvd to save space. the dekstop doesnt have much space left u know. when i was talking to him about this juz now, he was juz get mad and talking nonsense. i shout stop and listen to me and he juz keep on talking without having to listen to my advise. well, i am a short temper person so i juz smash the table, "bam"!!! still talking non-stop without giving me a chance to talk. ok, no choice, take the table tennis racket smash on the table and of course, it broke (duh, its a lausy one and its already 4 year like that since i bought it). he stare at me and then he took the ping pong ball and throw at me. here start the fight. but, u know, i heard something he say in the fight that really hurts me. " the computer isnt yours!!! what u intent to do!!!". Man, what do u mean it wasnt mine? of course, it doesnt belong to me, it a family properties. so, does it belong to u too???
ok, let us review about the dekstop's history, a few years ago, since my teacher say my school's reports need to use computer type, i beg my father to buy one. ya, that time i was really happy to have a new desktop at home. when its crash or kena virus (that time, no one in my house have the knowledge how to prevent virus infection. so the only way was to send for reformat), my father paid the repairment. a few year later when i started to enter university, i bought my laktop and entrust the dekstop to my brother. well, after sometime, the power supply juz suddenly boom in one of the morning. we have no choice but to change the power suppy and some component in it that happen to get burnt with the power supply. haiz... saddest part is that the graphic card also get involve. what to do, have to change. this time, we didnt actually ask my father to pay for the repair, i try to take my saving out to save the desktop, my mother share some with me. but, where ur share Mr. little bro??? u juz having the fun play the new desktop and donno how much it cost. that is why u donno how expensive and how precious it is meant to me. so, do intent to repeat the sentence u say before in front of me, i will, yes, i will definitely make sure that i lock the desktop from u!!!
this posting is juz my heart anger after the fight. i cant tell him cuz he juz don let me finish my sentences. for all who know my bro, DON EVER TEACH HIM OR ASK HIM TO ENTER SOME CIBAI WEBSITE!!!